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Wealth Management International AG

Based in Switzerland, Alpenrose provides state-of-the-art investment
advisory and private banking services to private clients and wealthy families.
Asset Management

Alpenrose offers a full range of asset management services.

Tax & Legal Planning

In a world of tax transparency and compliancy, tax and legal planning is playing an increasingly important role in the management of a client’s assets.

Family Office Services

Alpenrose provides its larger clients with the full range of family office services.

Strategic Partners

Alpenrose partners with the most prestigious banks, where clients can open segregated accounts.

Alpenrose is completely independent from all banks and agents
Highest Standards
Owned 100% by Swiss shareholder
We are

Alpenrose is a Swiss asset management firm with offices in Geneva and Zurich that is owned 100% by its Swiss shareholders to ensure the highest standards of trust.

We look forward to speaking with you and your family about your vision, values and plans for the future. Through our partnership, we will help you make that vision an enduring reality.

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